Hello Students!

So many blogs are aimed at teachers, I write a Mathematics blog myself aimed at educators. I have decided it is time for a student version.

This blog will point you to many excellent (free) resources available to help you in your study of Mathematics.

Note the various page tabs (Challenges, Notes and so on) and the links on the right which will take you to collections of calculators and games and puzzles. Do have a look at WolframAlpha if you have not tried it before.

We could start with a little mind reading – try Regifting Robin (turn the sound on). Can you work out what is going on?

Regifting Robin

Regifting Robin

Over the coming weeks I will add considerably more content. If you wish to receive an email when new content is added you can subscribe using the ‘Follow Blog via Email’ option on the right.

Wishing you all every success this academic year.

Your comments are most welcome.

2 comments on “Hello Students!

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