Trigonometry Resources


Interactive Mathematics has clear explanations of some problems involving right-angled triangles.

For more notes and examples see:

  • CIMT GCSE section chapter 4, section 4.4 onwards is on trigonometry. The notes and exercises do not require a password to access them. Schools can obtain a password for the answers.
  • University of Plymouth – Trigonometry package (one of a series of packages which may be either worked through on line or downloaded and used on any computer.
  • University of Leeds Maths Solutions – Trigonometry

David Smith’s The Maths Teacher site has a great collection of videos for both GCSE (age 14-16) and A Level (16-18). Transcripts are available for each lesson, also exercises with worked solutions. Many of the GCSE videos would also be useful for younger students. These resources include trigonometry at GCSE (see Geometry & Measures) and A Level.

For some advanced resources including graphs and the unit circle definitions, see this post on Mathematics for Students and for some calculators this page.

There are many further sources of notes available – see the resources on the Notes page.

For checking vocabulary – see the resources on the Reference page.

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