World Maths Day

On the World Education Games Website we can see the following message:
The World Education Games will be taking a break in 2014 from official competition and will return in 2015. Watch this space for news on events that will take place in 2014.

If you enjoy games of this kind Sumdog and Tutpup are free all year round. For other free Number games see this page also this page on games collections; the collections from Math Playground and that from Oswego City School District are particularly good for mental arithmetic. For practise at tables, including against the clock see this collection.

Manga High have recently added a multi-player option to Sundae Times which tests multiplication from 1×1 to 15×15  – play other students from round the world!

9 comments on “World Maths Day

    • Ahad the World Maths Day games will be available in February 2013 for warm up! You should be able to register as a private competitor once registration opens next year. In the meantime you might enjoy the multiplayer games from Manga High and some of the other games described in the post here.

  1. where will I get the details from? Also can I only register for world maths day or have to participate in other two i.e world literary day and world science day?

      • Yes it’s all free, warm up starts Feb 1st, the actual event is 6th March – that is actually a period of 48 hours – all the time it is 6th March somewhere in the world. Last year the points you scored were from 50 games, you could keep playing after that but scored no extra points. We will have to wait till the information is released later this week to be sure of this year’s rules. Last year it was possible to print certificates at the end of the event.

      • Judging by past experience nnn you whould have plenty of time. Registration should open on 1st February and I expect will close nearer the event. If you want to practise then register as soon as you can.

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