Polynomials – long division

A student of mine recently asked me where she could find some further examples of long division of polynomials.

I wrote recently on the excellent mathematics notes available on line mentioning in particular the mathcentre which has an extensive collection of very clear notes and other resources are available. (The mathcentre was developed by a group from the Universities of Loughborough, Leeds and Coventry, the Maths Stats and OR Network and the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust in 2003). Included in their Algebra collection is of course Polynomial Division.

Another reliable source is  Tony Hobson’s Just the MathsThis includes a document with examples of Polynomial division: Just the Maths Algebra(8) – Polynomials.

Another site I have mentioned recently is David Smith’s site ‘The Maths Teacher’ which includes Algebraic Multiplication and Division under Algebra AS level.

To check any polynomial division you could use the calculators here.

I would be interested to hear from any students the types of resources you find useful.


By Colleen Young Posted in Algebra

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