Trigonometry Resources

Graphing sine function

I wrote an earlier post on some Trigonometry resources. To learn more about Trigonometry including graphing the trigonometric functions and how they are defined for angles greater than 90° try these applets from John Page’s Math Open reference. There are graphing applets for sine, cosine and tangentNote that you can drag point A to alter the angle and see how this relates to the graph; try Progressive mode to see the graph develop. Choose the Full screen option for a very clear display.

You will find many other excellent applets on this site, see the full index here.

Trig equation

This Evernote shared notebook (after selecting the link just choose to view the notebook) shows the three trigonometric functions plotted with the Desmos graphing calculator, each note has a link to a graph page. You could use these to solve simple equations like sinx = 0.2 for example. Simply adjust the slider then click on the points of intersection.

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