Calculus – Techniques for Differentiation

Several high quality resources are available online to help you practise your differentiation.


The mathcentre site includes extensive resources. The quick reference leaflets which are available on numerous topics are very clearly written and succinct. There are also teach yourself booklets, revision booklets, videos and diagnostic tests.

Math Centre – Product Rule     Math Centre – Quotient Rule      MathCentre – Chain Rule

or for the resources structured as a course try Mathtutor

Plymouth University workbook

Calculus workbook from Plymouth University

Plymouth University have an excellent series of workbooks with examples and exercises, note the dropdown menus for each topic. Try this on the Product and Quotient Rules or this on The Chain Rule.
Note the use of colour to make the examples clear. The example illustrated shows the quotient rule being used to differentiate tan x (with respect to x).

You can always check your work on WolframAlpha: (More on WolframAlpha)

…or try Symbolab.

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