Graph Art

Darth Vader curve

Darth Vader-like curve on WolframAlpha

Did you know you can plot Darth Vader on WolframAlpha?! There are many more fun curves! A dalek perhaps or Batman?!

PacMan on Desmos by Alec Schultz

If those equations are a bit much you could try something simpler  using the Desmos graphing calculator; for example look at Alec Schultz’s PacMan.

Art Elements

Try some Art on Desmos! Select the image, reload page if necessary.

To experiment click here or on the image above to see how this was created and experiment yourself. (In case you see a blank graph screen just reload the page).

Lovely evening by Petr Feidler on Desmos

Desmos have a whole gallery to inspire you! You can of course get very sophisticated. Look at this lovely evening by Petr Feidler! Note the use of inequalities for shading and the slider!


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