Solving Equations

The following resources will help you practise solving equations.

CIMT have tutorials on equations: Linear Equations 1Linear Equations 2and Linear Equations with Brackets in their Interactive Resources

Try this Linear Equation Generator

Plymouth University Tutorial

Plymouth University Tutorial

Helm Project Equations

Helm Project

For a tutorial on simple equations, these notes from Plymouth University are clear; see also Section 3 of the Helm Project on equations. Both of these resources include examples, exercises and answers.

From the Maths Centre, there are several resources on equations.

Or try AJ Hobson’s Just the Maths (individual pdfs hosted by UEA) (or a complete pdf from the Math Centre:   AJ Hobson’s ‘Just the Maths’) where you will find clear notes, examples and exercises on many Mathematics topics including Algebra. – Linear Equation Calculator

Duncan Keith’s Linear Equation Calculator

Choose the type of equation you require then the sequence of operations required to solve the equation.
Select Do it after each operation, for example -32 Do it were the keys selected to start the above problem.

The slideshow below shows how to use the calculator to solve equations where the unknown is on both sides.

The next sites work in a similar way to the subtangent resource.

Flashy Maths – Solving Equations (select the swf file to play online)

John-Paul Green’s Flashy Maths

There are 4 levels to choose from: the level 1 equations are of the type ax = b,
level 2, x±c = d, level 3, ex±f = g and level 4, hx±i = hx±j = k.
Choose the series of operations you require to solve the equation selecting apply at each stage to see the result of your chosen operation.
Choose numbers to add and subtract integers and letters to add and subtract variables.


Check answers with WolframAlpha

Remember you can use WolframAlpha to check your solution to any equation, see for example this link which checks the equation 2x+7=11. (Checking just the answers is free).

To learn more about using WolframAlpha to check your work see the slideshows here.

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5 comments on “Solving Equations

    • Hi Peheli, I think the secret with the calculator is to think what you want to do to both sides of the equation then remember to press Do it! Did you see the slideshow above – click on the arrows to go through the example.

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