Lots more questions!

Perhaps you are revising for end of year exams. If you want some basic practice then David Watkins has an extensive collection of spreadsheets so you can try as many questions as you like on many topics at your chosen difficulty level and then check your answers. The spreadsheets can all be found on his Dynamic maths site.

Search Dynamic Maths

Search Dynamic Maths

Start by searching for the topic you want; let’s suppose you want to look at adding and subtracting directed numbers. Select the down arrow in the search box and select the topic you want; here we need integers. You will then see a selection of Dynamic Worksheets which are all Excel files. If you want to add and subtract integers then choose Integers-01 and download it. Once you have your Excel file you can practise as much as you want as you can generate as many questions as you like.

You will need macros enabled.

Dynamic Maths - Integers

Dynamic Maths – Integers

Note that you have several choices, you can show answers when you are ready to check; you can choose the number and type of questions and so on.

For more sites with lots of questions see this post which includes questions for older students too.


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