Spirograph by Nathan Friend

Inspirograph by Nathan Friend

As a child my Spirograph was definitely a favourite toy so I was delighted to find this digital version, Inspirograph by Nathan Friend. Try altering the gears so that the fixed and rotating gear are the same size, or make one size a factor of the other, make the two sizes have a common factor, or not! Investigate. You can change the colours too and create a work of Art!

The Nrich problem ‘Making Maths: Planet Paths‘ challenges students to draw some planet paths using a Spirograph. In case there is no Spirograph to hand they give instructions for making a simple one.


Spirograph – Desmos

Alternatively, try an online version. Try Spirograph on the Desmos Graphing calculator.

For GeoGebra fans there are various applets available, including this which allows colour changes.

From Mathiversity – see Online Spirograph where you can create, admire the gallery or read user Chiron’s essay which explains the workings of the Sprigoraph toy in an unusual way.

Mathiversity Gallery

Mathiversity – Spirograph Gallery

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