It’s Christmas time!

So,Nrich Advent time to relax and what better way to relax than with a puzzle or two?!

On Nrich you’ll find a collection of advent calendars a Sudoku for each day perhaps? (Solutions are supplied if you want them). Or a tangram? Maybe you want to play a game? (Clearly the year doesn’t matter for an Advent Calendar!)

Plus Magazine also have an Advent Calendar where you will find some of their favourite books and other mathematical toys.

For many more games and puzzles, see this collection including a challenging logic puzzle from Coolmath Games – can you set the circuits to light up that Christmas tree?! If any of you have any little relatives they might enjoy Top Marks’ collection of their favourite Christmas Activities.

Perhaps you could make your Mathematical friends some cards! Why not put a Desmos tree on the Desmos Christmas treecover?! Note this is simply a collection of lines and circles, as you can see from the syntax it is very easy to restrict x or y values. (For more on getting creative with Desmos, see Graph Art).

Staying with the subject of cards you can practise your coding skills with this Scratch project with a very clear tutorial on how to make a greeting card; not a great work, but I did enjoy playing with Scratch: here’s one I made earlier!  If you are feeling creative you might like these Christmas fonts.

On the subject of coding and Christmas trees you might enjoy  Holiday Lights where you can use coding to light up a holiday tree outside The White House. Holiday Lights comes from Google as part of their Made With Code initiative. Note that Google’s Blockly is being used for the code.

For some rather more advanced coding, there’s a rather nice Christmas tree generator here; select Auto Generate and sit back and admire the tree! Note that for any Scratch project you can ‘look inside’ and see the coding – a good way to learn more syntax.

Christmas Tree Scratch

Scratch project by vidarfw02

Wishing students (and their teachers!) everywhere a very Happy Christmas.

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