Free Mathematics Books

Some books that might be useful for you:

Complete GCSE Maths Revision text from CLCnet. Don’t be put off by the 2007 date – this is still useful. The text includes numerous set of questions for each topic by grade with solutions for all the examples.

The Maths E-Book of Notes and ExamplesCraig Barton’s E-Book of Notes and Examples is a comprehensive set of notes with very clear worked examples; this is extremely useful for students age 11 to 16 and for any older students who need a refresher.



AQA Further Maths Text

For Further Mathematics A Level (age 16-18) AQA have provided a set of three textbooks.
(Scroll down to Resources for students).

street-fighting-mathematicsStreet Fighting Mathematics‘ by Sanjoy Mahajan, with the excellent sub-title ‘The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving’ (note the link on the left to the free Creative Commons edition under Essential Info).




Check Amazon for Kindle books, a small number of which are free or very low cost. Now you don’t have to own a Kindle to read Kindle books as the Kindle app is free to download for any device you may own: PC, phone or tablet. It is possible to search Kindle books by price, so a search on Mathematics books by price from lowest to highest will give all the free entries; there are lots of toddler books and samples there but the odd useful book is  available. A very useful search for low cost books is a search on popular Mathematics books, price low to high. which returns popular Mathematics and Science books for as little as 99p.

Try Henry Ernest Dudeney’s – Amusements in Mathematics a puzzle collection (with solutions). The first set of puzzles offers a little History, money – pre-decimal! There are several categories of puzzles available. Or try Edwin Abbott’s Flatand the tale of a two-dimensional world occupied by geometric figures.

Project Gutenberg  includes numerous Mathematics books, including classics such as Flatland(Mark Twain’s comment on “Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read.” always amuses me!)

You could even write your own book! If publishing your own Kindle eBook feels a little too much right now – you could try something simpler using Storybird – click the image to see this story on StorybirdStorybird Sequences

..and finally, I must mention John & Betty’s Journey Into Complex Numbers!
John and Betty


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