Correlation and Regression

Some useful resources to help you study Correlation and Regression.

This GeoGebra applet allows you to move points and watch the effect on the line of best fit.


Why not try to plot the points, draw a lines of best fit and then compare your line with the computer. This works very well on a phone, use this link.

Correlation coefficients and lines of best fit can also be studied with this PhET simulation on Least Squares Regression.
correlation-line-of-best-fit PhET

Choose from a range of examples or choose Custom to add your own points and guess then check the correlation coefficient. You can also draw your own line of best fit and compare it to the theoretical line of best fit. Note the option to include residuals for both your own attempt and the line of best fit.

We can check Regression Calculations using this Linear Regression calculator from Social Science Statistics.

On the subject of correlation coefficients, we can play a game to see how well we can guess the correlation coefficient! Guess the Correlation Coefficient.

From Cambridge PhD student, Omar Wagih ‘Guess the Correlation‘, a rather addictive game with a purpose – Omar Wagih is collecting the data on the guesses collected and using it to analyse how we perceive correlations in scatter plots. Select About to read the rules and further details.

For ranked data you must be able to calculate Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient from raw data or summary statistics. Again, Social Science Statistics, offers us a calculator which is useful for checking work.

Calculation details provide a useful check on work.
Note Social Science Statistics also has a calculator for calculating the Pearson correlation coefficient.


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