Colleen Young BSc MSc MCIEA

BSc Mathematics and Management Science – University of Manchester
MSc Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Education – London University Institute of Education
Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor

2009-2011 – SSAT Innovation Fellow

Experienced teacher and trainer in Mathematics and IT with a keen interest in how new technologies can deepen the learning experience for students.

Mathematics, Learning and Technology – blog for educators.

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  1. Each year I use Waldo Maths to demonstrate distributional approximations to my A level Statistics class. This year I could not because Java would not allow it. The college technicians have done all they can, and now all they can suggest is that Waldo might be able to adjust the programme for the latest Java. I have looked in lots of places on the Internet for a contact address for Waldo, but without success. Could you let me know whom I should contact? It is Poisson approximation to Binomial distribution and Normal approximation to Binomial and Poisson distributions which I would like to be able to use.
    Thank you

    • Ruth I used to use so many of the Waldo demonstrations but Java now seems to have so many problems that I now hesitate to recommend anything using it. I don’t think Ron Barrow is developing Waldo Maths further – there have not been any updates for a while. If you have access to Excel then you could try Mike Hadden’s Excel demonstration – scroll down to A/AS Statistics Files and try PoiBinNorm – this works well.

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