Equations: Linear & Quadratic

There are many excellent online resources for learning about and solving equations.
Note that WolframAlpha is excellent for checking solutions to equations.

Solve equations with Wolfram Alpha

Absolute value equations

Note that you can change the equations inside the above widgets.
Alternatively – just type your equation into WolframAlpha.
(Note that step by step solutions are for pro subscribers but you can get answers to as many equations as you want, so WolframAlpha is great for checking work).

Mathisfun has this very clear and easy to use interactive illustrating the solution of linear equations.

Also from Mathisfun we have a Quadratic Equation Solversimply enter the coefficients (a, b and c) and the solutions and a graph will be returned.

Try this calculator from Math Warehouse which shows the working very clearly using the formula.

Quadratic Equation Calculator - Math Wareouse

Quadratic Equation Calculator – Math Wareouse

For practising solving linear equations Duncan Keith’s excellent linear equation calculator is excellent. The Subtangent resources from Duncan Keith are available from the National Stem Centre (the original site is no longer available).

The slideshow below shows how to use the calculator to solve equations where the unknown is on both sides.

Using the Linear Equation Calculator from subtangent from Colleen Young

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
CIMT have tutorials on equations: Linear Equations 1Linear Equations 2and Linear Equations with Brackets in their Interactive Resources


Calculators & Tools – Menu.

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