Statistics 16+

As with every topic here, there are WolframAlpha queries to help you check any work on Statistics:

Chi Squared Calculator
From Social Science Statistics this Chi Squared Calculator is for a contingency table with up to 5 rows and columns. It is very simple to use, enter the group and category names, then the data, choose the significance level and calculate.

Chi Squared Calculator 1
Chi Squared Calculator 2

A clear conclusion is then given:
The chi-square statistic is 10.2061. The p-value is .037096.
The result is significant at p < .05.

To interpret the results remember to look at the observed data. the expected probabilities and the chi squared contributions.
Chi Squared examplw

Note the many other calculators available on Social Science Statistics.

Normal Distribution Calculator (from Random Science Tools and Calculators)
Enter the mean, standard deviation, a value for x1 and for x2 if required.
Probabilities and a very clear illustration are then provided.

Calculators & Tools – Menu.

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