Plans and Elevations

To explore plans and elevations you can use Wisweb applets from the Freudenthal Institute.

Update – a new environment for the Wisweb Applets – these work beautifully in modern browsers. Explore the resources under Geometry for applets like those on this page.

To access the resources mentioned here:

  • Choose Open DME for student
  • Login as guest.
  • The DME Widget list has all these old favourites which will work in modern browsers.

Try Cube houses to build 3d models and generate different views.
First select drawing to see the view then select 3d-model to give you a model you can rotate and look at the different views.
There are eight different models you can explore (use the drop down menu).

Building Houses allows you to create buildings and see the plan, front and side elevations as you build. (If that link does not work – try this).

You can add (build) or remove (break down) bricks and control the size of the square base.

Building houses with side views challenges you to construct 3D models given the plans and elevations; the task is made more challenging by specifying that as few cubes as possible should be used.

Note that in order to achieve the minimum number of cubes, ‘floating’ cubes are needed. You could build a solid model to begin with then see if you can remove any cubes.

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    • That’s strange Chloe – I just tried all the links and they were slow but did eventually load. I’m not sure what has happened here – they used to load quickly. I will investigate further.

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