Index of posts & pages – Mathematics for Students
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Algebra Resources A variety of online resources to help you learn Algebra
Complete the square Worked examples
Equations Online resources to practise with
Polynomials Calculators for long division
Polynomials Notes
Explore Straight Lines 1 With the Desmos graphing calculator
Explore Straight Lines 2 Find out how to work out the gradient
Graph Art Get creative with graphs
Graphs – explore Investigate several different graph types
Graph Sketching Online resources for graphing
Inequalities Using graphs
Multiplication A rather different way to multiply!
Prime Factors Find the prime factors of a number
Sequences & Series Find out about any sequence
Complex Numbers An introduction through story!
Trigonometry Resources A variety of resources to use for Trigonometry
Trigonometry Resources 2 Further resources including a look at the unit circle
Polar Coordinates Resources to explore
Statistical Diagrams Applets to explore statistical diagrams
Statistics Worked Examples Display a question, try it, then check solution
Differentiation Techniques Some high quality resources
Integration Do you know these common integrals?
Integration Applets Includes Trapezium Rule
A variety of online resources A collection created to review a test.
Brilliant Get free weekly personalised problems, all areas, all ages
Looking for examples? Find extra examples – Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Nrich An extensive collection of challenging problems
Top >10 Websites Some great websites for students
Notes & Videos
Notes Some fantastic sources of online notes
The Maths Teacher Videos and exercises with solutions
Study Skills
New Year Resolutions For Maths students including the 11 commandments!
Online tools and apps
Maths Card from Loughborough University App with numerous facts & formulae
WolframAlpha Fun and resources!
WolframAlpha Examples Can you answer these questions with WolframAlpha?
Fun & Games
A little problem… Can you solve this? 5 years olds can!
Fun with WolframAlpha Some of the sillier questions you can ask!
Puzzles A great collection of puzzle sites
Sporcle Quizzes Time yourself! Or create your own quiz.
Sumdog Games Instructions for this excellent free site
World Maths Day The annual fun! Games to practice before the event.
Gritty Students Are you a gritty student?
Hello Students First post and a little mind reading!
Maths Songs Listen to the Circle Song and more!
Maths Makes the World Go Round Video from Coventry University – Maths in everyday life

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