GCSE (Age 15-16) Revision Resources

For some excellent GCSE (UK age 15-16) revision resources explore this collection. Thank you so much to the teachers who create these resources and make them freely available.


Jonathan Hall has a bank of GCSE questions. on his site; note that you can show solutions for these questions. Also on this site – you can create a practice paper with your chosen topics and the number of questions you want.

GCSE Diagnostic Qns
To use the links in this section you will need to be logged in to the brilliant Diagnostic Questions site. Students, just in case your school does not use Diagnostic Questions you can create your own free account here. On Craig Barton’s Diagnostic Questions site you can find collections of GCSE 2017 examination questions from AQA, OCR and Pearson Edexcel (scroll down each of the pages linked to for numerous quizzes on different topics on the GCSE syllabus).

See also a collection of some of the worst answered new specification GCSE questions on Diagnostic Questions and the Question of the Week selection.

Each set consists of 10 questions chosen from all 3 awarding bodies. As well as the online version of each quiz, the design team have also created a booklet in case you wish to print it out.

Badly Answered GCSE Questions – Foundation 1
— Try the questions online or download the booklet
Badly Answered GCSE Questions – Higher 1
— Try the questions online or download the booklet
Craig Barton is planning is to produce two more sets of these over the next two weeks.

You can also learn on the move with the free Diagnsotic Questions app.

Diagnostic Questions provide a way of assessing your knowledge and understanding, they are excellent for identifying misconceptions.


From Steve Blades, have a look at his very helpful 9-1 GCSE Help Book. Note that you can download the book (52 pages) free.

For more resources see Steve Blades’ site www.m4ths.com;on the GCSE page Steve has a section (near the end of the page) of eBooks, and one of those is on GCSE Higher wordy questions. See also Steve’s Think like a problem solver and mathematician book.

mr-carter-mathsMr Carter Maths – for lots of practice questions. Select Differentiated Topics to see the selection available. If you want to practise this new topic – Iteration; this is the direct link.iteration-mr-carter-maths

flashcardsOn Tanner Maths you will find Flashcards for the new specification – choose A4 or A5.


Try this revision maze from Crash Maths.

Many of these resources are also very useful. Check with your teacher the detailed content for your specification.