UK A Level Exam Papers & Solutions

C1 exam questionThis page has links to A Level past papers and solutions. STEP and Oxford Admissions test links are at the end of the post.

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Exam Solutions

Exam Solutions

Exam Solutions
has thousands of worked video solutions to A Level questions. Note the tabs at the top of the site, select A-Level Maths and then your chosen exam board.

Revision by topic:
crashMaths Skills Check
crashMaths AS Pure Maths Key Skill Checks

MathedUp! A Level Takeaways


Edexcel Exemplar material

Edexcel – Sample Assessment Materials Exemplar answers with examiner comments

AS and A Level Mathematics Sample Assessment Materials Exemplar answers
with examiner comments – Pure Mathematics

AS and A Level Mathematics Sample Assessment Materials Exemplar answers
with examiner comments – Statistics and Mechanics

The Edexcel examining team have selected student responses to all questions from the trial of the Sample Assessment Materials. For each question, very clear mark schemes are given for that question and then a range of student responses with accompanying examiner comments on how the mark scheme has been applied and the marks awarded, and on common errors for this sort of question.

UK Legacy Examination Materials
OCR (MEI) papers & mark schemes

From David Smith:
OCR (MEI) C1, C2 & S1 papers and solutions

OCR (MEI) C3 & C4 papers & worked solutions

OCR (MEI) M1 FP1 FP2 S2 papers & worked solutions 

MEI Revision Videos – Further Mathematics Support Programme

OCR Maths papers and mark schemes

FMSP OCR Revision Videos

AQA papers and mark schemes 

FMSP AQA Revision Videos

AQA – questions by topic – The Chalkface 


Edexcel papers and mark schemes

FMSP Edexcel Revision Videos

Worked Edexcel Solutions – Maths Genie

WJEC papers and mark schemes

FMSP WJEC Revision

For an additional source of questions and full solutions for the Pure Maths content of A Level exams see MadAsMaths.

Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP). The Preparing for STEP section includes papers and mark schemes.

STEP preparation – Nrich

Advanced Problems in Core Mathematics – Stephen Siklos

Oxford - Maths Admissions Test

Oxford – Maths Admissions Test

For an extensive collection of Challenging questions for Advanced Level students we can turn to the Oxford Maths Admissions Test, note the menu on the right hand side of the page, many papers and also solutions are available.