UK GCSE (age 15-16)

Maths Genie

Maths Genie

Worked solutions to Edexcel papers but useful for any students – Maths Genie

GCSE by topic

GCSE by topic – select image

Craig Barton has a collection of GCSE revision resources. Note the past paper solutions (Edexcel but useful for any GCSE student) and the GCSE Maths Takeaways  which are are questions by topic from Foundation through to grade A*.
GCSE Takeaways - Surds
Selecting Answers for any topic will provide several exam questions on that topic with written solutions. Suppose you want to see some exam questions on Surds for example, then scroll to 95.Surds under Grade B, A and A* Topics and select Answers; this will provide you with a pdf document of examination questions on surds and written solutions. If you just want the questions first then click on the topic title in the first column of the table.

Notes from Mr Barton

Notes from Mr Barton

Craig also has some excellent notes which I know are popular with many students. You can download the notes as an e book. Note the clear index at the beginning with links to all the sections in the book.

You could put this or any of the notes here which are in pdf form on your phone or tablet so you can easily access them wherever you are. On the subject of phones, make sure you have the Mathscard app from Loughborough university on your phone as well as WolframAlpha (low cost) and Desmos (free) of course!

An excellent site I and my students like is David Smith’s ‘The Maths Teacher’, which includes GCSE exam questions by topic at both Foundation and higher tier. What we particularly like about this site is the choice between video, the video transcript or straight to questions and worked solutions.
The Maths Teacher

Corbett Maths 5-a-dayvery good for your Maths!

5 questions for every day at different levels and all the answers provided.
Corbett Maths 5-a-day
Corbettmaths 5-a-day Jan31st

Diagnostic Questions
Note the Diagnostic Questions versions of some GCSE Examination Papers. Create a (free) account for access to many questions).

And from MathedUp! an alternative source for the GCSE Takeaways.


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