Useful Links

The other pages on this blog all have many useful links to help in your study of Mathematics.
The links given here are those with resources on many topics.

See also, the pages for Algebra, Geometry, Number, Statistics and Probability, beyond the syllabus and younger students.

Corbett Maths 5 a day

BBC Bitesize

BBC Skillswise although aimed at adults, this site has information on basic Mathematics (and English) skills useful for any age.


Craig Barton has written very clear notes for students (11-16) on his site mr barton

Mark McCourt’s Emaths site has many resources for students (see ‘4 Students‘.)

Trinity School have very helpful Mathematics resources – many examples for you to try (answers included)

CIMT (Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Interactive Tutorials which will be helpful for ages 11 to 16:
Year 7   Year 8   Year 9 have a look at each of these to see the topics covered. Older students may well find that these tutorials are useful for revision.
See also the CIMT online textbooks; scroll down this page to see what is available – everything from primary school through to Advanced level. The textbooks have many clear worked examples.
Note that there are interactive materials for Years 3, 4 and 5.

Math is Fun

Do take the time to explore this site – it has extensive resources. Choose Algebra for example and you will find everything from a basic introduction through to completing the square, the definition of a function and sequences.

GCSE Revision Guide – you can download a free pdf version of  a comprehensive GCSE revision guide (don’t be put off by the date – the document is full of useful examples, with answers) from Salford CLC.

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