Study Mathematics beyond your school syllabus…

Maths Careers this site, managed and maintained by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications has extensive information on careers in Mathematics and applications of Mathematics in everyday life. Note the various tabs such as Science and Engineering at the top of the page.

Nrich (note you can search for a topic)

Mudd Math Fun Facts

Amazing Number Facts

Magic Squares

Mathematics in various cultures

A quiz to find a mathematician who shares your interests!

Mathematician of the day

Mathematicians – timeline

Maths is good for you!

Mathematical Moments an extensive collection of pdfs on many different topics in science, nature, technology, and human culture.

Platonic Realms

Famous curves index

The Wolfram Functions Site

Mathematical Images

Mathematical Gems and Understanding Mathematics from Peter Alfeld – University of Utah

Fractals video and Play with Fractals!


Plus Magazine

Mathematics News from Science daily

Reading list from Cambridge which should interest any student of Mathematics

Mathematics Book Reviews

Mathematics Study Skills

STEP (university admissions papers)

Introduction to university Maths from the University of Bath

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