Statistics – Diagrams

There are several Statistics diagrams you should be familiar with. You could use Mr Barton’s notes on Statistics to remind you of the theory.

Mathisfun: Data Graphs
Suppose we wish to illustrate the following data.
Sally counted the number of vehicles that passed her house during one hour.

Type of Vehicle Number of Vehicles
Car 24
Van 8
Bus 3
Lorry 5

Enter the number of values and the height required on the y axis.
Enter the labels (car, van etc)
Click on the graph at the required height for each.
Alternatively you can select Table and enter your data.
Note that you can choose the display type, eg you could change to a pie chart.
You can print your chart.

From try this online stem and leaf plotter. Simply type in your data and select ‘compute’.

Calculators & Tools – Menu.

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